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We need your help @ Standing Rock. 

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On December 4th, 2016 our team leaves for Standing Rock. We are Winona Laduke's exclusive film crew and we are taking to the frontline with her on December 5th.  
We need your support to fund our production equipment and material to keep ourselves safe, warm in subzero weather and agile under these difficult circumstances. The Army Corps has announced it will break up the camp of protestors to the Dakota Access Pipeline in the coming days. 75 police agencies from 10 states have been enlisted to support this attack. The Natives have assembled more than 2,000 U.S. military veterans to take their frontline. This is a proxy war for our future.
Last year, we made a film about a woman, an indigenous leader, an environmental activist and a mother: Winona LaDuke. A film about protecting clean water and sustainable food systems. A film about Life.
This film helped Winona win her battle and stop one of the largest oil pipeline companies in the world building on Native land. Little did we know that this company would turn around and build the Dakota Access pipeline, now fought over in Standing Rock.
Winona took to that frontline too. She wants to grab the world’s attention and force the fossil fuel industry to show us who they really are - violent, greedy, and ignorant.
With her guidance we will tell of her ongoing fight and the issues and beliefs she and we stand for in a documentary series.  But, right now we need your help.
The United States of America is running danger of losing its standing as the bastion of free thought and human progress. That is why we’re laying our beliefs on the line and urge you to join us with your support for a project battling this erosion of freedom and civil rights.  
Learn more about Winona and her organization Honor The Earth here