XY: On Masculine Identity | Elizabeth Badinter

March 13, 2017

XY: On Masculine Identity | Elizabeth Badinter

This is a MUST read written by a highly esteemed French Feminist (quite a different kind to an American one) Philosopher Professor and Writer. Yet another great fascinating book that opens the windows of our perception to see the problem we have been facing for thousands of years and give us the understanding to be able to address it for the future of human kind.

In the last couple of decades… since my daughter was born, my sensitivity to the pain the world has become so much more acute. Looking at the terror and wars, trying to figure out why do men cause so much pain to each other.  When I was reading  “XY; On Masculine Identity”  I had a “WOW” moment every other page. 

Opening the book with quite fascinating scientific description of how a fetus becomes a male and then his experience (that we do  not often think about) of being
Built and sustained within a Woman’s womb, born from a woman and fed and surviving first couple of years mainly in close care and nurture of his mother, he then needs to separate and distinguish himself through life time as other than a woman.   The cultural and social forces

From a small child to grown human male - he works and often struggles so hard to prove to himself and to others that he is NOT FEMALE.   In the process, mainly extinguishing within him The YIN, the female force that is the nurturing, the soft, the love and life protecting…

This book will open readers eyes on this macho-paradox dilemma, that fuels so much of “self hate” in many men around the globe.  That feeds so much of their aggression through deep mostly misunderstood frustration.